1. Unit 2

Đề ôn tập Unit 2 Tiếng Anh 11

Được biên soạn bám sát theo cấu trúc của đề thi Trung học phổ thông Quốc gia, đề ôn tập Unit 2 Tiếng Anh 11 dưới đây hi vọng sẽ giúp bạn củng cố kiến thức về các thì cũng như từ vựng thuộc chủ đề Personal Experiences


Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently to the others.


Choose the word that has main stress placed differently from the others

Giải thích
  1. situation nhấn âm 1, còn lại nhấn âm 2.
  2. excited nhấn âm 2, còn lại nhấn âm 1.
  3. embrace nhấn âm 2, còn lại nhấn âm 1.
  4. terrify nhấn âm 1, còn lại nhấn âm 2.
  5. correctly nhấn âm 2 còn lại nhấn âm 1

Lexical Resource

Choose the one word or phrase -a, b, c, or d – that best completes the sentences, or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.


Guided cloze

Choose the word or phrase – a, b, c, or d – that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

During the (1) ________ years, many young people can at times be difficult to talk to. They often seem to dislike being questioned. They may seem (2) _______ to talk about their work at school. This is a normal (3) _______ of this age. Though it can be very hard for parents to understand, it is part of becoming (4) ________ of teenagers trying to be adult while they are still growing up. Young people are usually unwilling to talk if they believe, that questions are trying to (5) ________ up on them

Parents should do their (6) _______ to talk to their son and daughter about school, work and future plans but should not (7) ________ them to talk if they don’t want to. Parents should also watch for danger signs. Some young people in trying to be adult may (8) ________ with sex, drugs, alcohol or smoking. Parents need to watch for any signs of (9) ________ behavior which may be connected with these and help if (10) ________.

Error Identification

Choose the underlined word or phrase- A, 8, C, or D-that needs correcting.


Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers.

Last year I went to Nepal for three months to work in a hospital. I think it’s important to see as much of a country as you can, but it is difficult to travel around Nepal. The hospital let me have a few days’ holiday, so I decided to go into the jungle and I asked a Nepalese guide, Kamal Rai, to go with me.

We started preparing for the trip at six in the morning, and left camp with two elephants carrying our equipment. It was hot but Kamal made me wear shoes and trousers to protect me from snakes. In the jungle there was a lot of wildlife, but we were trying to find big cats, especially tigers. We climbed onto the elephants’ backs to get better view, but it is unusual to find tigers in the afternoon because they sleep in the heat of the day.

Then, in the distance, we saw a tiger, and Kamal told me to be very quiet. We crept nearer and found a dead deer, still bleeding. This was the tiger’s lunch! Suddenly I started to feel very frightened.

We heard the tiger a second before we saw it. It jumped out like a flash of lightning, five hundred kilos plus and four meters long. I looked into its eyes and face, and saw right down the animal’s throat. It grabbed Kamal’s leg between its teeth, but I managed to pull Kamal away. One of our elephants ran at the tiger and made it go back into the grass, so we quickly escaped to let the tiger eat its lunch. That night it was impossible to sleep!


A. Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning to the sentence above.

B. Choose one option that best fits each of the following sentences.

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