1. Tiếng Anh lớp 12


Word Forms

1. After the Tsunami, many___ people had to live in temples. (home)
2. Since the end of World War II, __ has been increasing very fast throughout the world. ( industry)
3. This kind of insecticide has proved to be__. Its ___ is still to be tested. (effect)
4. It was a terrible game. Our team played very ___. ( imagine)
England set a high standard of __. ( sports)
5. Mohandas Gandhi developed his idea of __ as a form of passive resistance to ___ (violent, just)
6. You worry about teenagers because they’re at such an___ age. ( impress)
7. This professor explained his ideas with great ___ . (clear)
Answer key
1. homeless (adj): vô gia cư
2. industrialization (n): sự công nghiệp hóa
3. ineffective ( adj): không hiệu quả / effectiveness (n): tính hiệu quả
4. unimaginatively (adv): thiếu trí tưởng tượng
sportsmanship: tinh thần thể thao
5. non-violence (n) ; injustice (n): sự bất công
6. impressionable (adj): đa cảm
7. clarity (n) : sự rõ ràng

Sentences transformation.

  1. The only way to eliminate world terrorism is by united opposition.
    => Only by___.
  2.  Everyone heard about the accident before I did.
    => I was__.
  3. “That’s a lovely new dress, Jean.”, said her mother.                                               => Jean’s mother complimented___.
  4.  There is always trouble when he comes to visit us                                                        => Whenever___.
  5. He never suspected that the money had been stolen.                                              => At no time ___.
  6.  It is not easy for us to find a cheap flat in HCM city. (difficulty)                   =>___.
  7.  You’ll hurt yourself if you are not careful. (or)                                                          => ___
  8.  The critics were deeply impressed by her performance. ( impression)           => Her performance__.
  9. The force of the wind was so strong that it flattened the houses.                       => Such___.
  10.  He was too ill to work. (prevented)                                                                                 => His illness___.
Answer key
  1.  Only by united opposition can world terrorism be eliminated.
  2.  I was the last person to hear about the accident.
  3. Jean’s mother complimented her on her lovely new dress.
  4. Whenever he comes to visit us there’s trouble.
  5. At no time did he suspect that the money had been stolen/ someone had stolen the money.
  6. We have difficulties in finding a cheap flat in HCM city.
  7. Be careful or you’ll hurt yourself.
  8. Her performance made a deep impression on the critics.
  9. Such was the strong force of the wind that it flattened the houses.
  10. His illness prevented him from working.

Error Correction.

  1. Scientists is currently trying to map the human genome, the blueprint of human heredity.
  2. A snowflake is a frailty crystalline structure which maintains its delicate shape only as long as it is airborne.
  3. Only after Theodore Roosevelt became President did conservation developed into a major environmental issue in the United States.
  4. The world’s rain forests are being cut down at the rate on 3,000 acres per hour.
  5. Wages and salaries account for nearly three fourths of the total nationally income generated in the United States annually.
  6. Pharmacist fill drug prescriptions, keeping records of the drugs their patients are taking to make sure that harmful combinations are not prescribed.
  7. Since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, social programs such as Social Security have been built into the economy to help avert severity business declines.
  8. Scientists had previously estimated that the Grand Canyon in Arizona is ten million years old; but now, by using a more modern dating method, they agree that the age is closer to six million years.
  9. In the early nineteenth century, it was both economic or mechanical developments that accounted for the quick spread of railroads.
  10. So many people suffer from problems with the back that this has become the leading cause of lost work days in the United States.
Answer key
  1. A (are)
  2. A (frail)
  3. B ( develop)
  4. C (of)
  5. B (national)
  6. A (pharmacists)
  7. D (severe)
  8. B (was)
  9. C (and)
  10. D (loss)