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Commonly Misused Words (Part 6)

Các nhóm từ dễ nhầm lẫn

Concerned with/ about

Be concerned with: có liên quan tới

Be concerned about: quan tâm, lo lắng về

Conservation / Conversation

  • Conservation: bảo tồn

Energy conservation reduces your fuel bills and helps the environment. 

  • Conversation: hội thoại

She had a strange conversation with the man who moved in upstairs.

Continual / Continuous

Continual: liên tục, liên miên (gây khó chịu)

I’ve had continual problems with this car ever since I bought it.

Continuous: liên tiếp, không ngừng

We were prevented from going out by continuous rain.

Council / Counsel

  • Council: hội đồng

The town council is responsible for keeping the streets clean.

  • Counsel: tham vấn, lời khuyên

The president sought counsel from his advisers.

Couple / Pair

  • Couple: một đôi

I’m packing a couple of sweaters in case it gets cold.

  • Pair: 2 vật giống nhau, cùng một loại và đi chung với nhau

He packed two pairs of trousers and four shirts.


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